Vishwesh Jirgale is VP Engineering MindTickle, Ex-Slack, Ex-Microsoft and an Angel Investor

Apart from solving interesting engineering prolems, I have been mentoring few folks in their journey to go from 0 -> 1 I am helping new engineers navigating through their career transitions, new founders to fill in the knowledge/understanding gaps (technical and non-technical), make the right connections with people, helping new managers to understand the expecatation from product/project/people management. While I am mentoring few people on regular basis, I am also pursuing certified Leadership Coaching lessons from ICF. I am currently working as a VP of Engineering at MindTickle. You can learn more about my career path on LinkedIn. Previously I headed engineering offices for Slack, Microsoft etc. As an angel investor, I enjoys working with ambitious entrepreneurs on disruptive solutions in mobile, enterprise SaaS, and the consumer internet. Outside work, I am involved in lot of STEM-related activities for kids. I co-own a Regional (Marathi) Theatre Group where they perform experimental plays and short films. I am also a very passionate and well informed Parent of a 11 year old boy :)
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