Praveen Singh V

Hey Superfounder! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome, I started working from 2003 at Oracle India, WebMethods (acquired by Software AG), VMLogix (acquired by Citrix) and Started 99tests in 2010. Over 17 years of experience from 2003, where I graduated in Computer Science. I raised about one million dollars for 99tests and grew it to 48,000 testers from zero. Great experience in growing a team, getting early customers and growing to 48,000 testers worldwide. I have been working with start-up founders to help them grow to the next stage and get funding. Currently working with 150+ founders and helping founders raise their Pre-Series A. โ€œPraveen has been extremely helpful since we have been acquainted. From giving me some really actionable advice for my start-up to multiple opportunities for networking and pitching, he has really supported me and my start-up. He has a keen eye for figuring out the root problem which is something I realized after our first interaction and I believe this is something many start-up founders could find extremely helpful. I'm pleasantly surprised to see his emails almost every week where he introduces one event after another, all to help startups succeed. I think this dedication and commitment to helping and guiding young entrepreneurs is incredible and we definitely need more people like him to help the start-up community thrive.โ€ Aakash Katri, Co-founder of Rotee
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