Chetty Arun is an early bird at Razorpay. Heads the Design and Culture teams. Knows a little about a lot of things regarding startups.

I love talking to the community regarding products, design, startups, marketing, etc. I take mock interviews on the side and here's where I can help you: - Design and product interviews. I'll review your profiles, portfolios, assignments, etc. Will take a mock interview and give you feedback - Design team setup. Will help you in setting up the right hiring practices, right design practices, etc - Design decisions for your product. Will help you with a UX audit of your product. Will suggest the right approaches on research, design, development, go to market strategies, etc - Your personal branding. Will help you pitch yourself better. Can go to an extent where I am helping you write a blog Drop in a message and we can hit it from there!
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