Karthik Krishna Ramesh is Environmental Engineering, Stanford

I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. I have worked on problems ranging from water resources, air pollution modelling, waste-water treatment, geo-spatial informatics, solid waste management, environmental policy and agronomics in developing holistic solutions. I also have experience with data-rooted approaches and models for emissions inventory, retrieval algorithms for remote sensing and also machine learning applications to tackle environmental issues. I am passionate about sustainability and have designed the water and sanitation infrastructure for a sub-Saharan town for poverty alleviation as a part of a Stanford project. Being highly interested in urban environments, I am a Research Fellow at the Global Projects Center, Stanford dealing with projects tied in with Digital cities and Disruptive Technology for members of the center like Microsoft, 3M etc. I was the co-founder of a data analytics start-up: Optima Solutions wherein we worked with the largest sports franchise in India worth $75 million to optimize their squad. This experience helped me hone my organization, management and product development skillsets. I have also worked on developing and refining a smart AgTech venture for the real economy at Stanford.
Environmental Engineering
Climate change
Remote sensing
Venture Creation
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