Abhay Thakur's Superpage

Abhay Thakur

Hello Everyone! Welcome to My Superpage.
Here, First of all I would like to share my Happiness Chemicals. How I Try or make Myself being Happy. • I Finishes any of the tasks • I Celebrate my
• Not Everyday But I luv to see the Sunset • By Doing Deep breathing • Get active • Spending time in nature I do this mostly when I'm feeling alone
• I make everyone laughing myself too. • By Eating dark chocolate • I Watches Movies /The Kapil Sharma Show and Listens My fav songs. These things ar
• By Playing with a pet (me mostly with Puppies) • I Help others (specially My mom) • Playing with a Kid or a baby • I Listens My fav heartbreak song
U can also Try my tricks 😉 To make Yourself Happy. Want to connect with me on chat. 👇👇👇👇👇