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A contact page
for Influencers

It’s free, and takes less than a minute

Let anyone message you by paying what they want

Get a Superpage & allow your fans to send youmessages Supertexts. Interact with peeps who need you the most by parallelly funding your passion 😇

Engineered for Influencers

Personalised Page
Limited Messaging
Direct Bank Payouts
Private & Secure
Spam/Hate Filter

Have your Privacy & Peace Intact

Restricted Messaging
Supertext conversations are limited to your responses
Don’t like a conversation? Refund at any time
No time-limits or slots, just chat like how you usually do on DMs or WhatsApp

A neat Dashboard!

Respond to messages, track earnings.. simply manage all fan interactions from one space

Earnings Calculator


A new way to fund your passion

Get paid directly on your bank account. No holding period, no gimmicks!

Get your contact page

It’s free, and takes less than a minute